Real estate rentals

Whether you are looking for temporary accommodation or looking for tenants for your property, we can help. We can give you expert advice and make the whole process easier for you.

I'm looking for a tenant

We'll give you a free valuation of your property. Our pricing is accurate thanks to our ongoing market analysis and the experience of our experts. Set the right price for your rental with us. With the right price we will be able to rent your property profitably, quickly and without any problems.


We will professionally photograph your property

Taking professional photos of your property is absolutely key to catching the eye of a potential customer among other listings.


What is copywriting

Copywriting is very important for presenting a property, as the text should convey exactly the information the buyer wants to know in the most concise yet appealing style.


We will find out everything important about the location of your property and correctly highlight the most important benefits in the texts.

Property description

Part of the copywriting process is to correctly describe the property and estimate the potential target audience that might be interested in the property. We create the story of your property.

In Czech and English

We work with translators who are native speakers and guarantee the highest quality translations.

Advertising on real estate servers

Where do we advertise?

We advertise on several real estate servers (Sreality, idnesReality, RealityMix, RealCity and our website). Thanks to advertising on multiple servers, everyone will know about your property.

How do we create the advertisment?

An advertisement is created by combining all the previous outputs (photos, floor plans, copywriting...).


We promote our listings to the top so they appear as high as possible in people's searches on real estate servers.

Property of the week

Our clients' properties also often appear with the property of the week banner (which we pay for on the property servers).

Promotion on social networks

Social networks

Social networks are now a permanent addition to real estate advertising and promotion. Thanks to social networks, many more people will see your property than with traditional advertising.

Creating posts width your property

We will also promote your property on our social networks, where even people who are not looking on real estate sites will see it. Great photos and texting are a matter of course.

Targeting them correctly

We can target exactly who might be interested in your property.

Sales service

We provide sales service of the highest quality. Our employees are reliable and if we agree on something, it will also be paid.

The broker will study everything about your property and its surroundings

With us, it certainly does not happen that the broker "discovers" the property together with the client. Our broker knows all the properties for sale in detail, including their surroundings. This information is then professionally presented to potential buyers.

We will arrange viewings according to your time availability

We represent you on all occasions, whether you wish to be present at viewings or not. We always arrange viewings according to your time availability.

Our broker will represent you

We negotiate the optimal price during the sale. We can attend all important meetings (with lawyers, authorities, bank, handover of the property...).

Legal service

We take care of everything for you

We will prepare all necessary contracts

1. Reservation contract
2. Contract for future purchase agreement
3. Future Purchase Agreement
4. AML - Anti-Money Laundering Act documents
5. GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation documents

Arranging and paying notary stamps

We can go to the Land Registry on your behalf and save you time

Looking for rent

We focus on your needs

• We will discuss your needs and ideas with you.
• Consultation on location.
• Consultation on the technical and legal status of the property.

Legal service

• We will prepare all necessary contracts
i. Booking contract
ii. Rental agreement
iii. AML - Anti-Money Laundering Act documents

Property presentation

• Our broker will present all the pros and cons of the property and its surroundings.
• Arranging viewings according to your time needs.
• Professional on-site presentation.

Handover of the property

• A document must be drawn up on the handover of the property to the tenant - Handover Protocol
• This protocol has its own requirements and must contain a number of important details. In particular, the date of handover, which is set out in the lease agreement, identification of the property, the tenant and the landlord, information showing the current condition of the property and much more.

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