“We take pleasure in surpassing your expectations.”

Flat 5 + kitchenette (270 m2), Na Cihlářce, Prague 5 - Smíchov

We sold this flat in Smíchov for CZK 3 million more than the seller's original expectations!

Flat 4 + kitchenette (177 m2), Italská, Prague 2 - Vinohrady

Highly satisfied with our services, the developer has given us exclusivity for a new project. We came up with a complete solution for the construction of a new apartment unit, including marketing materials. Thanks to these activities, we found a buyer (an NHL hockey player) right at the start of the flat’s construction.

Flat 3 + kitchenette, Londýnská, Prague 2 - Vinohrady

We saw the property’s added value and set the asking price 1.5 million crowns higher than the seller’s expectations (a former NHL hockey player). The property was also sold at this price.

Flat 5+kk (295 m2) in the Abbey View development project, Na Moráni, Prague 2 – New Town

The space was being offered as two separate units. After an analysis, we recommended to the developer offering the property as one unit. Thanks to effective marketing and an exclusive presentation, we sold the new maisonette for CZK 2 million more than the developer’s original expectations.

Flat 4+kk (135 m2), Korunní, Prague 2 - Vinohrady

With regards to the good relationship with the developer, we have jointly found an opportune manner of financing, allowing foreign buyers to purchase the property.

Flat 3 + kitchenette (126 m²), Za kovárnou, Dolní Měcholupy

The owner, living for many years in the USA, could not come to the Czech Republic, not even to sign the purchase agreement - we handled all the processes remotely.

Flat 2 + kitchenette (46 m2), U Libenského pivovaru, Prague 8 – Libeň

The owner of this flat in Prague's Libeň wanted to rent it at a price that did not match the current offer. After analyzing the market, we recommended increasing the rent by three thousand crowns. We rented the apartment within a week.

Family house (400 m2), Velká Chuchle

A complicated property in Chuchle. It was an off-market sale, unfinished, without building approval, entered in the land register only as land. After reviewing, we took on all the formalities, negotiated with the authorities, and put all the documentation in order. Then, thanks to local marketing, we found some buyers.

Family house (214 m2), Březová – Oleško

A competing real estate company had been trying to sell the property for more than a year. After signing an exclusive contract, we found a buyer in 3 days.

Villa (390 m2), Ke Kapli, Zdiměřice

The villa’s owner tried to sell the property by himself. Unsuccessfully. A friend recommended us to him. After adjusting the plan and effectively preparing the real estate for sale, we managed to find a new owner to everyone's satisfaction.

Flat 3 + kitchenette (87 m2), Ječná, Prague 2 - New Town

A spacious and well-designed apartment; we recommended presenting it as an investment opportunity for short-term rentals. It was purchased for this purpose.

Flat 3 + kitchenette (65 m2), V Horní Stromce, Prague 3 – Vinohrady

An example of a positive experience works in practice. We acquired this Vinohradský flat from the owner, who was satisfied with our previous services. This time with a request to mediate the lease for her new investment.